The Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) Roundtables provide business owners with the opportunity to improve leadership skills, sharpen decision-making abilities and build lasting relationships through peer-to-peer learning. SEBD Roundtables bring together 15-18 small and emerging business owners from SEBD certified businesses for 10 monthly roundtable meetings over the course of a year to share challenges and learn from the experiences of their peers.


  • Trained facilitators who keep discussions on track and relevant for all participants
  • Expert guest speakers who provide information on key business topics
  • Structured protocol that sheds new light on both problems and opportunities
  • Shared experiences rather than advice
  • Safe environment in which to process sensitive business challenges with peers
  • Ability to get just-in-time answers to pressing issues

Participants in this roundtable system report that the experience helps them reach better decisions and action plans, affirm what they’re doing right and identify what they need to improve. They also develop trusted relationships to share both business and personal issues.

To ensure the best fit for selected participants, a number of factors are considered, including experience level, business size, noncompetitiveness and existing business relationships, but all participants must be certified in the SEBD Program. Seating is limited and tables are anticipated to start in early summer.

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