2004 – 3R’s

MOED played a major role in reduction of crime by collectively preaching the following “3 R’s” to area congregations for an extended period:

  • Reverence for God
  • Respect for Parents/Guardians
  • Regard for the Law

Effects of Initiative: Approximately 17% reduction in crime

2005 – HHH

Played a major role in assisting evacuees of Katrina and Rita by securing, managing, and distributing over $80,000 in funds for new or additional shelters, homes, and services.

  • Help
  • Hope
  • Healing

Effects of Initiative: Relationship built with organizations such as Business League, United Way, Red Cross, & private industry

2006 – Clergy in the Classroom

Provided mentoring, counseling, guidance & a spiritual presence for students in two area schools:

  • The LEAD Center
  • Arthur Smith Junior High

Superintendent Gary Jones chose these schools due to high rates of expulsion.
Effects of Initiative: Improved student behaviors

Providing the Foundation of Spiritual Leadership and Guidance for Positive and Sustained Economic Change